About Patapsco Valley Handyman

At Patapsco Valley Handyman, Inc we’re proud to have served the region for over 15 years, and are now celebrating over 10,000 homes serviced.

We’re hoping to team with you as your long term partner for all of your home interior and exterior maintenance, and handyman needs. At Patapsco Valley Handyman, we understand in this economy every family needs to pace your household projects at a slow and steady pace – just as your budget allows. We’ll be here every step of the way.

Our team will help your family map out lengthy projects and help you prioritize as your budget permits. But most importantly we will never waste your valuable time stretching out time in your home. No one wants the hassle of workers in and out of your home 24-7.

We pride ourselves on efficiency, and professionalism.

Our experts know how to finish the project fast, prompt and effectively; that’s the Patapsco Valley Handyman difference. We’re looking for success stories – each and every time.

We are covered for liability to you and your home, and we have workman’s compensation for all of our employees. Patapsco Valley Handyman also provides retirement benefits to help us retain good workers in the field. Patapsco Valley Handyman is fully-licensed through the Maryland Home Improvement Commission –  MHIC:70338.

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