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Patapsco Handyman is comprised of a team of experienced, friendly, and enthusiastic craftsman who care about the quality of the job they do. We know it makes the difference.

Jonathan Zawacki

Jonathan Zawacki started Patapsco Valley Handy Man, Inc. with one intention in mind: to pay back his mother for supporting him while he took a 4,000-mile, cross-country bicycle trip which built up his leg muscles but drained his wallet.

When Jonathan came to the conclusion that he needed the means to pay off his debts (and fix his broken-down pickup) he started a business called Jonathan’s Odd Jobs. Three years later Jonathan’s sister company Hands on Painters was in full swing.

Hiring local talent gave his young company the know-how to compete with the old-time “pros.” Jonathan’s hard work and ability to pick experienced painters who cared about the quality of the job they do resulted in a successful company that prides itself on word-of-mouth referrals.

The rest, as they say, is history. Jonathan Zawacki: teacher, bicyclist, hard worker (and painter), after paying back his mother and fixing his pick-up truck, he is still beautifying homes, although his role within the company has changed. He is now in charge of estimating and the daily needs of his employees and clients.

Jonathan’s Life before Patapsco Valley Handyman: Jonathan spent four years at Towson State University and earned a B.S. in Psychology and three years teaching experiential education, also referred to as “hands on learning.” His experience consisted of leading groups of young people on hiking and rock climbing trips while teaching them about the physical and mental demands required to “survive” their journey. Students learned about teamwork and communications skills while gaining a higher level of self confidence.

Jonathan explains the experience this way: “It was kind of like working with four grumpy handymen in 100º heat, hiking up and down ladders for nine hours straight.”

Please review our annual column published in the Howard County Business Monthly , Home Addition/Residential Real Estate.


Derrick Conover

Derrick made the transition from Landscaping, to Home Depot’s Lawn & Garden Department, to painting when Jonathan asked him to help out part-time with his burgeoning painting business.

After working two jobs at between 70 and 80 hours per week, Derrick put Home Depot “on the back burner” so he could see if painting could turn into a lucrative career. Soon Patuxent Valley Handyman expanded into a full-time job.

Derrick’s hard work and dedication contributed to the company’s exponential growth. He is now co-running all field logistics and quality control with up to 20 employees during the busy season. Derrick has also taken on the role of estimating,training new employees , and is in charge of implementing and training EPA lead rules and regulations.


Alex Kondner

Alex is a Baltimore native who attended Boy’s Latin high school and has earned a Masters degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Alex is a working artist whose work is exhibited regularly at a New York art gallery. Alex’s work is also gaining international acclaim. Alex co-runs field logistics and quality control with Derrick Conover. He specializes in projects with faux finishes, decorator’s input, and older homes/projects.


Rich Hipsley

Rich joined Patapsco Valley Handyman in September of 2000 and immediately made an impact on our business. Rich is a field manager and an MVP on our team. His mechanical abilities have been invaluable in keeping our vans on the road. Rich is also the skilled hand that runs our renovation projects.

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